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WordPress is an open source project where anyone can contribute. Now if you have good programming skills, then you can contribute code to WordPress. But majority of WordPress users are not programmers, so how can they contribute? In this article, we will show you how you can get involved with the WordPress project.

Why You Should Get Involved and Contribute to WordPress?

WordPress is free as in freedom. It is licensed in a way that allows you to download and use it for any kind of project without any cost.

You are free to study and modify its source code. You can even sell your products using WordPress.

Hundreds of millions of people all over the world benefit from this wonderful project. As a WordPress user, you are already part of a global WordPress community. However, you can get more involved by giving back to the community.

Benefits of contributing to WordPress:

  • You get to work with a project that is democratizing the web for everyone in the world.
  • You will get a chance to meet and interact with awesome WordPress contributors.
  • Contributing to an open source project is always a great learning opportunity.
  • You can find more opportunities for your business such as employment opportunity or contracts. WordPress related companies are always looking to hire / outsource to others in the community.

How to Get Started

When we said anyone can contribute to WordPress, we meant it. You don’t need to be a great programmer to get involved. All you need is a desire to share and be part of a global community of WordPress enthusiasts.

There are many different ways to participate. Find out which one suits you the best and then follow the instructions to get started.


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